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The Queen of Rap slaying with Queen Bey. ***Flawless

Did you see Bey encouraging and smiling at Nicki?! Thats how you straight up support each other! Watch and let the other shine.

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I miss you :(


Yes daddy!


Jacob Kohinoor

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The picture above is me. Over it! I was not gonna post this on the internet but how could I not share this experience with the world and maybe help someone else out in the process. I recently overdosed on what we know now as MOLLY ( MDMA ) I didn’t know anything about the drug and it was my first hardcore drug trying. The first day I tried it. I experienced euphoria out of this world and felt as if I could connect to my soul when I was on it. It brought out an amazing side of myself and I would be a liar if I said I didn’t like it. I liked it so much in fact I did molly all last week only to overdose last Saturday. That Saturday morning, I was coming down from the previous night. And for some Reason I wanted to get some more. I had plans that Saturday to take some molly with friends and dance the day away.. Lol.. Well. That didn’t happen. I remember taking the whole ten bag and thinking okay this is gonna be a great roll. I go lay down in my bed and turn on pinks who knew. I don’t know why I would listen to a song about overdosing while on a drug I know nothing about. Half way through the song I feel the molly kick in all at once. Overwhelming! I felt tingles rush all over my body from the fan blowing wind on me. It was indescribable. I start screaming for my boyfriends brother to come in the room because I knew something wasn’t right. He never came so I got up and ran into the living room freaking out because the high was much to strong and didn’t feel like the previous rolls. This was clearly an overdose. I called 911 and at that point I could feel my heart was racing. I feel the woman who picks up the phone I’m overdosing and she goes into questions about what I took.. Where was I ect. I could barley focus on anything she was saying so I hang up because my heart was going so fast I was expecting a heart attack any moment. My friends were getting me milk and water to try to keep me hydrate and bring down some of he high. Only for it to make it worse. I got so nauseous from the milk I rush to the bathroom to throw up. After 10 minutes of throwing up I raise my head up and the room was spinning. I look to the left and here’s my boyfriend. Seeing his face made me feel so much better but I knew something bad was going to happen because I started to get confused. Couldn’t really make out anything at this point. I walk out to the car to see ambulances and a cop. There asking me questions only for me not to answer and at this point I’m just ready to go to the hospital.. They gave me a choice to go with them or.. My boyfriend could bring me. Something in my gut told me if I went with them I probably wouldn’t be here right now so I chose my boyfriend to take me. We get in the car and I’m holding his hand on the way to the hospital scared to death because my heart was starting to slow down at this point. When I tell you.. This is when it hit me. I was dying! Everything was shutting down. He was crying while I was looking in the clouds speaking with god in my head. Asking him for another chance. Knowing I wasn’t gonna make it to the hospital. The clouds looks so beautiful and I remember thinking what’s beyond them.. Beyond the clouds.. I feel the car park and I take the last bit of energy I had to walk inside the hospital. I walk up to this lady at the front desk and I say I’m overdosing.. She says okay, sight in….. I have no energy to argue with this bitch so I wrote down what I could and say down. I waited ten minutes. Looking at this family in front of me with a beautiful little girl I kept smiling at because she was so pretty. I was sure that family was gonna see me die because there were about 3 times I felt as if I was gonna black out. They call my name and as I make it to the back here comes my family… Crying… My boyfriend crying… I never really thought people actually cared about me enough to cry. I knew I was loved but I didn’t know how much of an impact I was up until that moment. And I thought damn. If I died today. Wonder what would have happened. How would my boyfriend go on who is head over heels for me. He wouldn’t. My sister and my boyfriend were hugging each other for the first time ever.. And CRYING. I remember thinking damn.. What have I done… My handsome nephew was looking at me with all these cords hooked up to my chest and you can tell that was a scary moment for him. He wasn’t use to seeing me like that. I went home later the night and remember feeling emotionless. The next day I woke up and I Literally felt like someone had died. There was a strange gloom I still can’t explain. It has been with me ever since I left the hospital, like something isn’t right…. My anxiety has been through the roof since that day and my depression seems to be at its peak! I cry for hours at a time. The thought of what happened still fucks with me. I have this impending doom… Thought of death… Something bad is gonna happen… Horrible thoughts go through my head with out the medication they gave me. My boyfriend hasn’t been able to work because the thought of him leaving my side sends me into panic attacks. They said time will heal everything and what I’m going through is what is expected. Going through this is not going to be easy. And I’m sure it will be ruff for a little while longer knowing that Molly has after effects that could last weeks…moths…or even years… Everything has an outcome in this life. And this outcome will only make me a much stronger person when I overcome it. My boyfriend has proven to me his love is genuine and I think of him as a lifesaver. He saved my life. I wanted to write this for people who don’t think things like this happen. Before this I was normal just like everyone else.. Not saying I’m not normal. But after this overdose I’m sure my brain won’t technically be the same again. Don’t do drugs!!!!!!!! I honestly can say this was my wake up call. You don’t have to be a drug addict to die from drugs people. Remember that. I could have.



Adventure time cool boy realness!




What you lookin’ at?! 😎

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